Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day Three

Day Three was devoted to exploring light and heat energy. We made a primitive sun dial while exploring Fermilab's more permanent and impressive time keeper. We went to world to see how night and daylight hours change throughout the year. We used the amazing ice cube melting blocks. We made predictions about melting ice in various liquids. We ran margarine relays to see which metal conducted heat the fastest. Then we learned that heat and temperature are not the same.
Did you know that a thermometer is really a speedometer? In the afternoon we learned about the Teacher Resource Center and how to become a member of Friends of Fermilab. Leo,  a Fermilab scientist, stopped by to  help us learn about light energy. We used lasers, mirrors, magnifying glasses, and prisms to reflect and bend light. The day was wrapped up with another field trip. This time we went to the new Muon Lab where two Fermilab scientists, Kermit Carlson and Darren Crawford explained their role in a new project that will have a big impact on the field of particle physics.

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