Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day Four

Day four of Phriendly Physics was spent exploring magnetism and electricity. First we observed different types of magnets. Then, students created drawings of observed magnetic fields with iron filings. We even created a quadrapole magnetic field. Next, we explored the strength of magnets by adding more magnets to an existing stack of magnets. Weights were added to the stack to test the strength of the magnetic field. We then explored what materias interact with a magnet. In the afternoon we made a human electrical circuit then we made our own  circuits with aluminum foil, a bulb and a battery. To better understand the structure and function of a light bulb we dissected a 60 watt light bulb. Students then made a circuit complete with switch, a bulb / motor and a battery.
We ended our day with another field trip. This time we went to D-Zero. Andreas Jung and SungWoo Youn showed us around. D-Zero is one of the detectors located in the tevatron ring. Detectors are designed to measure a particle's position, momentum, motion, energy, and charge. This particular detector is no longer in use because the tevatron was shut down last September.

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