Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Today  we continued exploring motion and the basic laws of mechanics. We took a short detour and a time machine back to the 60's to watch Dr. Ivey's video clips about circular motion and framed reference points. We were all a little dizzy after that experience. All we know is that the Centrifugal force is a figment of our imagination. Participants used bubble tubes to calculate speed and to explore the effects of placing the tube on an angle to see if it changed the speed of the bubble. We had fun using  the force  of air pressure to move objects and reviewed Isaac Newtons three laws of motion in the process. Later in the afternoon we started investigating simple machines. We used giant levers to demonstrate mechanical advantage. Then we used smaller desktop levers to investigate the three classes of levers. We finished making our pulley stations  to prepare us for tomorrow's investigations. Our knowledgeable docent Lori, took the class on a tour of the Linac accelerator and the 15th floor of Wilson Tower.

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