Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 3rd

 Today, our fourth day of the workshop,  we explored periodic motion . This led us to investigations in vibrating objects and sound energy. We used our ramp and roller systems to explore the concept of frequency of periodic motion. We also made pendulum systems to explore which variable had the greatest affect on the frequency of a pendulum system.  Later in the day we made sqwaukers and measured the volume in decibels using a sound meter.  We used a door Harp, tuning forks and water as well as pop bottles and water to explore vibrating systems. We went outside and used our wind tubes and a duel pendulum system that is part of the outside fermilab playground exhibit. 
     Participants then used their aquired knowledge of sound energy to devise string phones that could use vibrating systems to communicate over a distance. Then we used white butcher paper to create visible sound waves on paper that represented a change in pitch or volume.
      We concluded our day by taking a field trip to the magnet  facility to take a tour with engineer  Dave Harding who explained how magnets to bend and focus the beam are produced.

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