Thursday, August 4, 2016


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

   Our second day of Phriendly Physics and we are exploring the properties of heat and light energy. We seriously contemplated  the existence of the concept of "cold". After all, isn't cold just the absence of heat energy? We started by placing an ice cube in our hand and asking ourselves; are we sensing cold or the absence of heat?  Using a discrepant event titled the amazing ice melting blocks, we activated our curiosity even further. How can this be?Why does the cooler block melt ice faster than the warmer block? 
We continued our investigations into heat energy by observing heat energy at the molecular level by placing food dye in a warm container of water and in a cold container of water. The results demonstrated the phenomena known as Brownian Motion. Simply put, molecules move around and vibrate, more so in hot object when compared to cold objects. If thats the case, then shouldn't we call thermometers speedometers? We also collected evidence that supported the claim that heat is not the same as temperature. 

      In the afternoon we switched our focus to light  energy. Our group took a short field trip to fermi's sun dial and then we made our own sundials to explore the sun's light energy. We looked at the basic properties of light. We played reflection relay to show that light travels in a straight line. Shadows were also explored. We used prisms and light boxes to separate light into its various wave lengths.  We mixed colored light and made white light. We used our magnifying lenses to bend light waves and project an image on paper. we also made pennies disappear and reappear using the refraction qualities of water. spencer showed us how gases when energized can create a spectral pattern which identifies what elements are present.
Then Lori took us on a tour of the Linac accelerator and the 15th floor of Wilson Hall. 

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